Nearly three-quarters fewer tourist nights in second quarter

Maarten Flower of the CBS speaks of an absolute record. “In the last forty years we hadn’t seen it any brighter than in 1985, when there was a decrease of 10 percent compared to the previous year,” he says. “And now 72 percent, whereas over the last twenty years there has only been a constant upward trend. The drop was to be expected, but it’s a blow.”


After 2019, in which hotels, holiday parks, camping sites and group accommodations experienced record-breaking activity, the industry was hit hard by the corona crisis this year. In April, the sector came to a virtual standstill with 95 percent fewer guests than in April 2019. Some recovery was visible in May and June.

The calculations only include accommodations that offer a minimum of five beds. This means that while professionals advertising on Airbnb are included, individuals who rent a room or apartment with less than five beds are not

Much less tourists came to North Holland. In Amsterdam, the second quarter saw a 92 percent decline in the number of guests and in the entire province of North Holland the decline was 83 percent.


Bungalow parks and camping sites suffered a little less than hotels and caravan parks because their season started later, at the end of April. However, they also received around 60 percent fewer guests.

It is mainly foreign guests, especially from outside Europe, who have stayed away. Due to worldwide travel restrictions, they often stayed at home or went on holiday closer to home. The tourists who did come, came mainly from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.