NEC Must Take Financial Risk: “Otherwise Perhaps Insurmountable Issues”

NEC is taking a financial risk to stay in the Eredivisie this season. The Nijmegen students graduated as number seven of the Keuken Champion Division last season and Managing Director Wilco van Schaik believes it is important to keep pointing out.
According to him, that means NEC wont just maintain and therefore risks are taken. We had to create more budget, otherwise you have too little quality, threatens direct relegation and the continuity of the club is at stake, he says to Football International. Revenue should cover that, but that process is slower than raising a player budget. Thats why the costs are for benefits.
Degrading is an absolute doom scenario for the Nijmegen owners. At least that shouldnt happen so fast, Van Schaik says. If we relegate again in the short term, we get into very big, perhaps insurmountable problems. We need to get a team that can survive in the first year. Four years in the Kitchen Champion Division have done a lot of pain and damage.