NEC recovers and takes first Eredivision victory against poverty PEC Zwolle

NEC has won the first victory of the season against PEC Zwolle at home. Roger Meijer‘s team recovered nicely from last week’s punishment against Ajax: 2-0.
The start of the first home game in the Eredivisie since 2017 couldn‘t have been better for NEC. After four minutes, the home team got ahead of a shot in the bottom left corner of mercenary Ali Akman. The sparse odds PEC received were not completed. Dean Huiberts was closest with a shot at the pole.
However, the Art Langeler team was lucky that NEC was too sloppy and drove in too many balls. That’
s why the competition didn‘t deserve the beauty prize either. However, the 2-0 just before rest made a lot of good. Jonathan Okita rushed past his opponents and shot into the second NEC goal in the far corner.
Even though there was a half left to play, it seemed done for PEC already. The Zwolleners were unable to make a bit of a fist and had no one walking in the front to make a goal. Before the start of the final phase, the level had dropped to a rather questionable level. NEC didn’
t need anymore and PEC couldn‘t. Sam Kersten’s red card was a sign of the shape of PEC.