NEC survives storm in Alkmaar and takes point: AZ has lost flawless status

AZ has lost points in the Premier League for the first time this season. It didnt get further than a 1-1 draw against NEC at home.
Due to AZ
s European obligations, the KNVB showed leniency and decided to move the competition. Except for some small chances from both teams, the first half did not have much entertainment value. Jasper Cillessen saved on a shot by Tijjani Reijnders and Oussama Tannane was close on behalf of NEC.
AZ came out of the dressing room a lot stronger and pushed NEC back at times, but Rogier Meijers team still got ahead in Alkmaar. Ivan Mรกrquez headed out of a corner and caused AZ problems with that.
At least, that
s how it seemed, because the backlog was quickly reversed by a super bang by Jens Odgaard. The Dane shot brilliantly from about twenty metres.
If there was one team that deserved to win the game based on the last half hour, it was AZ. The Alkmaarders were given opportunities and NEC had more and more trouble keeping things closed. That didnt make much difference, but partly thanks to a strong keeping Cil lessons, the 1-1 remained on the scoreboard.