Negental Go Ahead holds up: ‘Seemed like we were playing with fifteen men’

Luuk Brouwers appeared in front of the ESPN camera after the sensationally expired match between Go Ahead Eagles and Heracles Almelo. Kowet ran into two red cards, but won โ€” partly thanks to two hits by the Brabander โ€” still 4-2.
โ€œBizarre, bizarre,โ€ the Brabander opened after the final whistle. Brouwers admitted that the two red cards for Giannis Botos and Isac Lidberg were not unearned. โ€œIt was also known as misgivings…โ€ However, the numerical minority was well compensated by the support of the packed Eagle Shorst. โ€œWith this stadium, with this audience, I think you‘re playing with fifteen men.โ€
The 23-year-old midfielder also stated that the uplifting atmosphere may have contributed to the fact that the players took the edge. โ€œYou might get a red card, we need to get a little smarter in it. But yes, to talk about critical points, that’
s not necessary at the moment.โ€

‘ Luuk Brouwers can’t take up his luck! ๐Ÿฅฐ #GAEHER 4-2
โ€” Go Ahead Eagles ๐Ÿฆ… (@GAEagles) October 16, 2021