Negotiation is about to begin, but verbal battle over Remkes words

Even after the advice of informer Remkes, only VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie are ready to sit at the negotiating table for the formation of a new cabinet and making new government agreements.

In his opinion to the House of Representatives, Remkes writes that these four parties should also give other parties the opportunity to discuss this. It is about PvdA, GroenLinks, Volt, SGP and Fraction Den Haan. That should lead to a โ€œconstructive involvementโ€ in the new cabinet. From PvdA and GroenLinks, Remkes even says they could supply ministers.

Remkes spoke in an explanation of an โ€œopen invitationโ€. He also said that the parties involved have told him they are not yet, but according to him it is a signal that no one should dwell on thinking in the next week. These groups should also be able to talk about certain issues or finances.

Dont feel like

But it is now clear that none of the parties mentioned would like this. According to PvdA leader Ploumen, Remkes didnt understand her well either. โ€œFor the PvdA, there is no role in the formation of this cabinet,โ€ she says. โ€œNot in negotiation, not supplying government entities. Were going into the opposition.โ€ GreenLinks leader Klaver also says: โ€œWe do not supply ministers to a right cabinet.โ€

ChristenUnion leader Segers fell over words from Remkes at the press conference early in the evening. It gave the impression that the issue of complete life had already been discussed and would become a free choice for all political groups. Remkes said: โ€œIt would also be crazy if agreements were made in the formation that limit parliament in its capacity. That would be a form of ancient political culture.โ€

Segers then said that as far as he is concerned, the talks on this subject had yet to begin, and that he himself carries out how his party expresses the position on โ€œcomplete lifeโ€.

But he doesnt speak of a blockade either:

Later in the evening, Remkes informed Segers by phone that his intention was not to suggest that the medical ethical issues would become a free choice. Remkes assured the CU leader that this is indeed a subject that needs to be settled at the negotiating table.


Apart from these verbal skirmishes after the Remkes press conference, there seems to be support for other proposals he made. Such as the need for a concise coalition agreement with only the agreements that the four parties really want to establish.

After that, the candidate ministers will be able to create a more comprehensive government programme in which they also identify the results they want to achieve with their policies, he writes.

More exciting

Remkes speaks of a cabinet that has been redesigned. There is more room for the House of Representatives to be critical and to change plans, new people in government and the substantive discussions will focus on climate, nitrogen, housing market and education. โ€œThis is going to be a little different,โ€ Remkes said. โ€œIts getting more exciting.โ€

According to Remkes, there is broad support for a new governance culture and administrative renewal. He is annoyed by the current forms of manners in politics The Hague. โ€œI am disturbing the atmosphere in The Hague, which is totally focused on destroying. That practice has to stop.โ€

Remkes believes that due to the resolutions, there will be sufficient difference from the current coalition:

Originally Remkes was commissioned to investigate a minority cabinet, but he found that the hands were not intertwined.

He further advises to appoint two informers for the negotiation phase. He doesnt know if hell be one of those two himself. The Chamber will be debating Remkes recommendations next week.

See an overview of the course of the formation so far: