Neil Druckmann spoke in support of Rockstar after the GTA VI leak

Neil Druckmann, game director of both The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, spoke out in support of Rockstar amid Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay and source code leaks โ€” confirmed by Jason Shreyer. The leak, among other things, confirms the location of the game, Vice City, the presence of two protagonists, a man and a woman, and reveals some in-game mechanics. โ€œTo my fellow developers affected by the latest leak, know that while this all seems depressing right now, it will pass.

One day we‘ll play your game, evaluate your skills, and the leaks will be just a footnote on the Wikipedia page. Keep trying.

Keep making art. โ€ Neil Druckmanndrackmann knows more than anyone else the negative impact of leaks on both developers and the game’s perception: for example, in 2020, shortly before The release of The Last of Us: Part II videos appeared on the Internet that, among other things, contained very important spoilers.

Naughty Dog then admitted that she was โ€œdepressedโ€ due to this leak. There were similar leaks of information and videos ahead of time in the case of the remake of the first The Last of Us.

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