Nepalese climb second highest mountain for the first time in winter

A team of climbers from Nepal has successfully climbed the second highest mountain in the world in winter, the K2. The group arrived yesterday afternoon after a harsh trip.

The K2 on the border of Pakistan with China is 8611 meters high and is known as one of the most difficult to climb mountains in the world. In 1954 the summit was first reached, but then it was summer. The K2 was the last mountain higher than 8000 meters that had not been climbed during the winter.

The success of the Nepalese was overshadowed by the death of the famous Spanish climber Sergio Mingote. He fell into a glaciers crack trying to return to base camp. Mingote was working on a project to control all peaks above 8000 meters without oxygen within two years. The Spanish Minister of Health expressed his condolences to the family of Mingotte and called him a great sportsman.

At the moment 49 alpinists, divided into different teams, are located on the flanks of the K2. They all make an attempt to reach the summit under the winter conditions.