Nesta discusses situations AC Milan and Juventus and taps The Lies on the fingers

Former top defender Alessandro Nesta takes a closer look at the situations at AC Milan and Juventus. At the same time, he taps Matthijs de Ligt on the fingers, because he saw Bayern Munich as a step up and had doubts about Juventus‘ ambitions.
s not all his fault,” Nesta tells Corriere della Sera about Juventus trainer Massimiliano Allegri, who sits in the kicking chair. “There is a more general confusion, they have been taking a step forward and two backwards for years, a clear line is missing, even in the transfer market. There is no clarity.”
Juventus sold De Ligt to Bayern for 80 million euros this summer. The defender from Leiderdorp recently said that he saw Bayern as a step up. “I had a great time at Juventus, but Bayern has gone further in terms of selection and ambitions. They want to win the Champions League this season. I had a lot less of that feeling with Juventus this season. Cristiano Ronaldo had left, Gonzalo Higuaín, the club was building a new team. My departure to Bayern was good for both parties.”
Nesta: “I would not have made certain statements. They paid 70 million for you, they wanted you at all costs, he was injured for a long time. Can you go to Bayern? Then just go.”
AC MilanLike Juventus, national champion Milan did not start the season well. “Last year, it was a surprising champion, but deserved. Now that can be repeated. The players are good and have personal and experience. The second title is at your fingertips. Last year, I was more skeptical, but the team has grown. I can imagine them seeing Napoli face to face. These are the teams with the clearest ideas.”