Netanyahu in exitpolls the largest, but majority still uncertain

According to the first exit polls, Prime Minister Netanyahu‘s right-wing Likud party has won the most votes in the parliamentary elections in Israel with over 30 seats. Then follows Yesh Atid, of opposition leader Yair Lapid, with a tight 20 seats.

A majority in parliament requires 61 seats. Therefore, it is still unclear whether the 71-year-old Netanyahu, who has been in power for 12 years, can prepare for a new term. But โ€œhe seems to have a chance,โ€ says TCCEIT correspondent Ties Brock.

โ€œHe may lose a few seats, but according to most exit polls, if a number of right-wing and extreme right-wing parties want to work with him, he has the chance to win a small majority,โ€ says Brock in Nieuwsuur.

Brock emphasises that at this moment there is no definitive count and that you always have to keep a beat on your arm at exit polls.

On Twitter, Netanyahu already thanked his voters for his โ€œhugeโ€ victory.

โ€œOtherwise, the question becomes whether the opponents have enough seats to form a majority. But it doesn’t seem like that now,โ€ says Brock.

Fourth time in two years

It is the fourth parliamentary elections in almost two years. Last December, the two current coalition partners, Likud of Netanyahu and Benny Gantz Blue White, did not reach agreement on the budget. As a result, the parliament was automatically dissolved.

One of the main achievements of Netanyahu this campaign was the rapid vaccination program. In addition, there were the diplomatic agreements that Netanyahu signed with several Arab countries.

Undivided popular is Netanyahu by no means. For more than half a year there have been weekly demonstrations at his office residence, sometimes attracting tens of thousands of demonstrators. Protesters believe that the Prime Minister should resign because of a lingering corruption case.