Netflix cancels anime and cartoons due to loss of subscribers

After Netflix stopped operating in Russia, the number of subscribers began to decline for the first time in ten years. At the same time, the company‘s shares fell – they are already worth 30% less than before the publication of information on losses for the first quarter. To cope with the crisis, the service decided to take special measures.

And, according to TheWrap, their first victim was Netflix Animation. Phil Rinda, director of creative leadership and original animation development at Netflix, was fired this week along with several staff members.

According to the creators of the animation projects, they moved to Netflix because of the promised creative freedom. Now the policy has changed, and their projects are being closed and canceled.

In particular, the animated adaptation of the Jeff Smith comic book series โ€œBoneโ€, announced back in 2019, several times has been postponed, and is now permanently canceled. The same fate was suffered by the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book The Twits, although it may turn into a TV movie.

Among the canceled was the Toil and Trouble of Emmy award-winning Lauren Faust. Animators note that Netflix often resorts to data manipulation to justify the absence of funding or cancellation of critically acclaimed projects, and did not bother to properly promote original cartoons.

Specifically, the Boss Baby is set as a reference, although the animated series does not even belong to Netflix. More at CCeit Official: Ubisoft announced Project Q CCP team PvP arena raises prices for PLEX and EVE Online Infinity Ward subscription Ghost teaser in the new Call of Duty.