Netflix develops Paper House spin-off release in 2023

Netflix has announced that the Spanish crime thriller Paper House, which will soon reach the final, will receive a spin-off. Its central character will be Andrรฉs de Fonoiosa, nicknamed โ€œBerlinโ€, whose role will be played again by Pedro Alonso. The release will take place in 2023, but additional details about the plot have not yet been revealed.

But given the history of the original, we can assume that the spin-off will also tell you about some major robbery. In addition, Netflix has announced that the role of the same hero in the South Korean adaptation of the project will be played by Park Hae-soo from The Squid Game.

This version did not have an exact release date, but it is known that Ryu Young-jae (Diary of a Psychopath) is responsible for the script. Pak Hae-su-The final episodes of Paper House itself will appear on Netflix as early as December 3.

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