Netflix did not soften the intolerant phrases of “Brother” in translation

Today, June 1, on Netflix appeared two parts of Alexey Balabanovs Brother, which are available with English subtitles – they decided to check the portal tj. Such initiative was arranged against the background of the recent scandal, when a screenshot spread on the network, where the famous phrase You are not brother to me, nits black-zipped was allegedly translated as You are not my brother, ***** Armenian. to indignate the censorship of Netflix, but it turned out that the screenshot was unworthwhile – at the time of its publication, the feeds did not even appear in the service catalog.

Viewers also noted that fake it was possible to bite thanks to a font that does not conform to the standard Netflix. In reality, Danila Bagrovs phrase was translated as: Do not you brother me, gllist of black-seed.

quotes for the fate of which users feared — including dialogue about niggers, fascist or comment that the directors are p***** . Some sayings adapted, trying to preserve meaning – for example, Love honey – love and cold! If you like your honey sweet, then learn to like the bees) became If you like your honey sweet, then learn to like the bees).

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