Netflix Error: ‘Squid Game Dished for Ages 12 +’

Video platform Netflix appears to have given the explicitly violent and bloody hit series Squid Game in the Netherlands a too low age rating. The series was recommended for viewers from 12 years old. It wasn‘t until later that corrected to 16 years and older, NRC reports.

The South Korean series, about a number of chosen ones who are allowed to participate in a deadly survival game for millions of euros, was released on September 17 with the 12+ classification. Many children watched the series, including abroad. It wasn’t until later that series was adapted to 16+, but then it was too late for many kids. Concerned parents also reported at De Cceit because of the low age indication.

The series features many bloody, sexually and violent scenes. According to the Kijkwijzer Foundation, it‘s a Netflix mistake. The video network says it followed the Kijkwijzer classification method in a response in NRC and later corrected it. When exactly that happened, it’s not clear.

Squid Game is currently leading the top most watched series in some 90 countries. In several countries it emerged earlier that games from the series are being replayed in primary schools. The losers would have blows, a Belgian school already warned.