Netflix extends Spanish drama ‘Elite’ for a fifth season

Netflix decided not to get involved and extended the Spanish series โ€œEliteโ€ for the fifth season before the premiere of the fourth. The project is a story about students at an elite school who find themselves involved in murder and a string of other dirty cases. In parallel with the detective line, viewers also reveal the relationship between the characters.

The show remains one of Netflixs most popular Spanish projects – in 2019, the number of views from different accounts exceeded 20 million. Rumors that production of the fourth and fifth season was running at the same time had appeared earlier and seem to have proved to be true.

The premiere date for the fourth season is not yet known. More on CCeit Pixar showed the teaser of the new cartoon โ€œOnionโ€ The head of the cloud game service Amazon Luna went to Unity In the erotic thriller Lust for Darkness will be held free weekend.