Netflix in ‘Paper House’ fifth season trailer raises stakes

Netflix has released a fresh trailer for the final fifth season of Spanish hit โ€œPaper House. โ€ The final series will be released piecemeal โ€” the first half of the series will be released on September 3, and 3 months later, on December 3, the remaining episodes will appear. In the final, the adventurers have to get out of a difficult situation โ€” they have taken over the Bank of Spain, but much is not going according to plan, and some heroes will not survive the robbery at all.

Since premiering on Netflix, the show has become one of the largest in the world, causing the service to order additional episodes. More on Ghoromania Hearing: Fortnite will switch to Unreal Engine 5 In a fresh Venoma 2 trailer shows a lot of Carnage In Call of Duty Mobile celebrates Air DV Day.