Netflix on 2022 premieres: Resident Evil series and anime by Cyberpunk 2077

Netflix has announced a list of premieres that are waiting for viewers in 2022 โ€” among them there are both new items and new seasons of current projects. Among them: series by Resident Evil; Anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners; Cuphead Animated Series; Magic Animated Series: The Gathering; The Witcher Prequel (โ€œThe Witcher: Originโ€); โ€œSandmanโ€; Anime prequel from โ€œArmy of the Deadโ€; Season 4 of Stranger Things (summer); Season 3 of Umbrella Academy ;; Season 3 of Lok&Key; Season 2 of Alice in the Borderlands; Vikings: Valhalla (February 25). various Ubisoft projects, including Splinter Cell and Far Cry, the new series by the author of โ€œHaunting House on the Hillโ€ and much more.

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