Netflix predicts ‘Playing Squid’ will bring service about $900m

Netflix expects the 9-episode show โ€œSquid Gameโ€ that was released a month ago to bring the service over $890 million. This is a huge figure, considering that the series itself cost $21. 4 million โ€” which is more than 40 times less.

. The media have reached out to Netflix for comment, but have not yet received a response to this.

Recall, โ€œSquid Gameโ€ is about people taking part in a special survival tournament. On Netflix, the show has already been watched by 111 million viewers โ€” the South Korean series has become the most watched in the history of the streaming platform.

The show‘s popularity has spilled over into the fact that, as Kanobu adds, actor Rami Malek (โ€œMr. Robotโ€, โ€œIt’s Not Time to Dieโ€) performed the song in a parody of โ€œSquid Gameโ€ for Saturday Night Live.

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