Netflix revealed trailer for new anime about Godzilla โ€” season release in June

Netflix has unveiled a trailer for a new anime about Godzilla called Godzilla Singular Point. The 13-episode animated project season will tell how a graduate student and engineer team up to confront a mighty force capable of destroying the world. Judging by the trailer, the collision involves yourself battle not only with Godzilla, but also with other monsters – including with the help of some robots.

For Godzilla herself, by the way, specially created a new design – for it was responsible for Eiji Yamamoto from Studio Ghibli. And the production of the project is occupied by Studio Bones, which worked on My Hero Academia.

In late March, the first episode of the anime premiered on the Japanese version of Netflix, and on April 1, the episode aired on different local channels. There are now 3 episodes available.

It looks like Netflix will immediately add the entire season in June upon release at other venues. More on the Gambling Resident Evil Village became the theme of the fresh Game Informer Tomorrow Nintendo will hold another presentation of indie projects Now in Microsoft Flight Simulator you can ride on machine.