Netflix revives’ Redwall ‘— plan cartoon and animated series

Netflix has acquired the rights to the entire series of books by Brian Jakes “Redwall” – in development are an animated film and a cartoon series. This is the first time that any firm managed to acquire the rights to all novels of the cycle at once – there are 22 in total. Patrick McHale, creator of “On The Same Side of the Hedges”, is responsible for the feature cartoon script.

The events of the franchise are set in a made-up world, looking at the medieval, where instead of people live various beasts. At the same time, many of them live in Redwall Abbey, which then and then attacked by gangs of dangerous predators.

At the same time, the events of the planned animated series will tell about the fate of Martin Voitel, one of the founders of the very abbey. From 1999 to 2001, an animated series based on the franchise from Canadas Teletoon was already released, it consisted of three seasons.

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