Netflix to release animated series based on fantasy about war of dragons

Netflix commissioned the first season of the animated series, which was based on the fantasy book series Wings of Fire. The plot tells of a war that has unfolded over several generations between the dragon tribes. According to prophecy, the bloodshed should stop five young dragons who will bring peace to the local universe.

These five have been hidden from the rest since birth, and when the proper time comes, the heroes will have to embark on an epic quest to stop the long war. Ava DuVernay (โ€œWhen They See Usโ€) is responsible for development, and the screenwriters are Dan Milano (โ€œRobotchickโ€), Justin Ridge (โ€œStar Wars: Resistanceโ€) and Krista Starr.

The first season will consist of 10 episodes of 40 minutes each. There is no exact premiere date yet.

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