Netflix unveils trailer for “Arkaine” animated series in League of Legends universe

Netflix and Riot Games have published the first full-fledged trailer for the animated series Arcaine, set in the League of Legends. The show is premiering on the service will take place on November 7, but only the first three series will air on that day. They focus on the childhoods of the main characters, Vai and Jinx.

Two more parts are expected later, each of which will also feature three series. And all this with Russian voiceovers.

Arcaine takes place on the border between two inextricably linked cities: the disadvantaged Zaun and the rich Piltover. The most brilliant minds live right here in the City of Progress, as the inhabitants of Runeterra dubbed these places.

The delicate balance between Piltover and Zaun disrupts the invention of the hextack — technology with which anyone can control magical energy. League of Legends lovers will be able to see not only Vai and Jinx, but also other familiar characters, including Jace and Caitlin, who were specifically adapted for the animated series.

We learn what they went through to become the ones we see in the game. In addition, there will be new heroes in the show, including Vander and Silko, residents of Zaun, who will play a key role in destiny opposing cities.

As series co-creator Alex Yee notes, the theme of duality is very important in Arkaine. This includes two very different but complementary cities with their own pros and cons.

And that for someone can be a show of heroism, for others it is villain. Another author, Christian Linke, adds that the team initially saw the story of Jinx and Wai as something special:It‘s a short story What a person is willing to do in the name of the family, what hardships they will endure for their sake, what principles they will do.

The series premiere will also lead to development for League of Legends: Developers We are preparing something new both for the game itself (Arkaine will be held to coincide with a special event) and for the esports direction. Recall that Fortiche was working on Arkaine Productions, which handled popular commercials based on League of Legends.

Earlier, a teaser, a small excerpt of Arkaine and posters featuring characters appeared online. And here’s who will voice them in Russian: Jinx — Daria Frolova Vai — Tatiana Abramova Pauder — Vasilisa Savkina Caitlin — Polina Kuzminskaya Jace — Gleb Gavrilov Mel Medarda & mdash; Alia Nasyrova Silko — Alexander Gavrilin Vander — Andrey Waltz Victor — Ilya Krutoyarov Ambessa — Maria Ovchinnikova Ekko — Vladimir Voityuk Heimerdinger — Igor Written.

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