Netflixs Lords of the Universe relaunch gets units from fans

Today saw the release of the first half of the debut season of Netflixs new animated “Masters of the Universe” and Kevin Smith. The plot of the project continues the events of the original 1980s cartoon about the struggle of Hi-Men and his allies against Skeletor. However, their battle endangers the existence of the planet Eternia and the universe, not to mention that the Sword of Power simply disappears.

Before release, it was rumoured on the network that the series would introduce radical plot moves, and they turned out to be true — only fans of the original cartoon didnt appreciate this decision at all screenwriters. So far, the project has received 36 reviews from users on IMDb, most of which have been negative: the animated series gets either 1 or 2 points out of 10.

There are, however, a few positive reviews, but the overall Sovereign score falls from the morning. Initially, the novelty had more than 8 points, whereas now it was 7.

3. On Rotten Tomatoes, users rated the project 47% “freshness”, whereas it received 97% from critics.

NEXT SPOILERSThe problem is that Hi-Men dies quite quickly, and the protagonists place is taken by his partner Tila, who has to solve Eternias problems. Apparently, the rest of the scenes from the trailer featuring the hero represent flashbacks.

Users note that showrunner Kevin Smith himself has previously denied the truth of such rumors, which turned out to be real. This included angered fans of the universe as they expected the adventures of their favorite hero rather than another character to continue.

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