Netflixs “The Witcher” prequel really will feature Eredin

Netflix has reported new cast members of the prequel series The Witcher, including the role of the Wild Hunt King Eredin. Information that a character might act as a villain of the series has already appeared in the past, eventually being true. The part of Eredin will be performed by Jacob Collins-Levy (The White Princess) .

The character is expected to appear in the second season of the main series, which will be released on December 17, but there his another actor will play. Jacob Collins-Levisons included the names of the project‘s production makers, including Sarah O’Gorman (Damned) and Vicki Jewison (Close).

The show takes place 1200 years before the original events and tells of the consequences of the Pairing of the Spheres. And just the other day, the animated prequel about Vesemir will be released — the cartoon, which recently opened a fresh trailer, is released on August 23.

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