Netherlands champion in caravans

One in nine multi-person households in our country owns a caravan or motor home. This makes us absolutely the caravan country of the world. Only Sweden comes close when it comes to the density of motorhome ownership.

In Drenthe, families are completely hooked on camping, because no less than one in five have a townhouse or camper van there. This is evident from an analysis carried out by BOVAG and the Camping and Caravan Industry (KCI) on the basis of figures from the CBS and the RDC.

It is striking that especially in the northern and eastern Netherlands a relatively large number of camping vehicles are registered, while Randstad residents own considerably fewer caravans and motorhomes than the national average of 11.4%, observes Tom Huyskens of BOVAG.

Drinks are therefore the absolute camping champions of our country, as almost 19% of multi-person households own a caravan or motorhome there. Friesland follows with more than 17 percent for Overijssel (15.5 percent) and Groningen (over 15 percent), Huyskens knows. In the Randstad provinces, caravan and motor home ownership is considerably lower. In the province of South Holland less than 8 percent of households have one, in the province of North Holland it is almost 9 percent and the inhabitants of Utrecht also score less than 10 percent

By the way, caravan sales are creeping out of the ‘corona valley’ again, and in August even recorded an increase of 14.2% compared to last year. A total of 653 new vehicles were driven out of the showrooms last month.

Huyskens: We have almost made up the backlog, because with 5754 new caravans, the counter is only 15 units behind the total number of registrations in the first eight months of 2019. โ€

The number of new camper vans is heading for a record this year. By 2051, almost as many motorhomes were registered as in the record year 2019, when 2074 units were sold. There are currently almost 560,000 caravans and motorhomes in our country.