Never before did a North Korean missile fly as far as during last test

North Korea says it first tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The object, named Hwasong-17, ended up in the sea 170 kilometers west of Japan. This is the first test with a so-called ICBM since 2017, and with a wider range than North Korea has shown before.

Then, North Korea showed that it had missiles with warheads that can reach the US; one of the main targets of the North Korean nuclear weapons program. Kim Jong-uns regime assumes that in this way it can deter other countries from attacking North Korea.

The rocket that was fired this morning was on its way for about 71 minutes and reached an altitude of 6000 kilometers. The projectile covered a distance of about 1100 kilometers as the crow flies. That is further and higher than all North Koreas other missile tests.

In 2017, the Hwasong-15 rocket was launched. It flew for 53 minutes to an altitude of about 4475 kilometers and had a range of 950 kilometers. Whether it really concerns a new type of rocket is the question: South Korea also takes into account that it is a Hwasong-15 with modified thrusters and head, allowing it to fly longer and further.


According to dictator Kim Jong-un of North Korea, the new weapon shows that the North Korean army is “powerful and modern”. The new weapon, according to him, is of great importance to prevent a nuclear war.

At the same time, the leader threatened that the North Korean force is ready to strike back in “every military action” of the US. Anyone who wants to jeopardize North Koreas safety “will pay a high price for it”.

South Korea is also launching rocket

South Korea has condemned the missile test. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida calls the latest missile launch an “unacceptable act of violence”.

The US, Great Britain and France want the Security Council to meet tomorrow to discuss the test. In recent months, Pyongyang has increased the number of missile tests, presumably to increase pressure on the West to negotiate again. A total of eleven rockets have already been tested by North Korea this year. This was mainly about short- and medium-range missiles, but, according to North Korea, also a hypersonic missile.

In response to the test, South Korea itself fired multiple missiles to demonstrate that the country has “the capacity and readiness” to hit targets in North Korea with precision, an army spokesman says in a statement.

The White House says in a response that the North Korean launch is a “brutal” breach of multiple UN Security Council resolutions and that it unnecessarily raises tensions.