Never before has it been as hot as today in November

Today is officially the warmest November day ever measured. At 11.40 o‘clock it was 19.1 degrees in De Bilt and that’s a record. The old monthly record of November 6, 2018 (19.0 degrees) is broken, says Weerplaza.

Last night, all the day record for November 2nd was killed. At that time, 18.5 degrees were recorded in De Bilt. That was more than a degree warmer than the previous record from 2014, when it became 17.4 degrees on November 2.

Temperatures of 18 degrees or higher are rare in November, says Weerplaza meteorologist Wilfred Janssen. โ€œOnly five times before since 1901 it was warmer than 18 degrees in De Bilt. Remarkably enough, this has happened in all cases since 2005 and this is a sign of the warming climate.โ€

The temperatures measured in De Bilt are the official figures for meteorologists. For a national date record, today somewhere in our country it should be warmer than 20.3 degrees. That record, from 1984, is registered to Maastricht.

Amsterdam ice rink

Due to the soft weather, the Jaap Eden Ice Rink in Amsterdam will be closed until at least tomorrow morning. โ€œThe higher temperature combined with the strong winds have caused us to lose too much ice and not skating,โ€ writes the ice rink on Facebook. โ€œIt is now hoped that the temperature will drop and the wind will decrease in strength.โ€