Never before was it so hot in September: 35.1 degrees in Gilze-Rijen

A special weather record today: it has never been so hot in the Netherlands since the start of the measurements so late in the year. In Gilze-Rijen a temperature of 35.1 degrees was reached this afternoon at 4.30 pm.

This broke the September weather record by almost an entire degree. It stood at 34.2 degrees, measured on 4 September 1929 in Maastricht.

Seasons move up

“You cannot, of course, see this record in isolation from global warming,” says weatherman Peter Kuipers Munneke. “Last summer, according to the American weather organisation NOAA, was the warmest ever in the northern hemisphere and that warming will continue for some time to come

Over the past hundred years it has become more than a degree warmer in the Netherlands in September and the seasons are shifting more and more“, says the weatherman. “Summer is taking longer and longer and autumn is shifting more and more towards winter. This will undoubtedly also have consequences for nature. It wont be another 90 years before this record is broken again”

Also record in De Bilt

A weather record was also set in De Bilt: never before has a tropical day been recorded so late in the year since measurements began. The temperature in De Bilt rose to 31.4 degrees.

The previous record dates from 13 and 14 September 2016. Incidentally, it is only the sixth time since 1901 that the temperature has risen above 30 degrees in De Bilt in September.

Rapid drop in temperature in September

It is also the warmest Princes Day ever measured. “But thats not entirely fair to compare,” says Kuipers Munneke. “Prinsjesdag does not have a fixed date and this time falls on the earliest possible day The day can fall between 15 and 21 September.

Temperatures drop rapidly in September, according to the weatherman “In September the average temperature drops by more than 4 degrees, so on 21 September it is on average half to a whole degree colder than on 15 September”