‘New accusations of abuse against PVV MP Dion Graus’

PVV MP Dion Graus is again accused of sexual harassment and abuse of power. A former group member says that Graus has forced her to โ€œa lot of serious thingsโ€, reports NRC. The MP contradicts the accusations.

According to the newspaper, the young woman complained about the abuse of the former Chamber President Khadija Arib and a counsellor of the House of Representatives in February. She told me Graus to take her to work visits and dinner parties. Also, he would have let her drink alcohol when she wasnt used to it.


It is not clear what the woman means by the โ€œvery many serious thingsโ€ that Graus would have forced her to do. She says he was going to stalk her after she turned him down.

It would have made the report after it became known in February that another member of the PVV Group had reported against Graus. It was about his ex-wife, who said, among other things, that she should have sex with his security guards. That would have happened in the building of the House of Representatives.

Measures Arib

After these reports, then President Arib said that she had no authority to investigate those allegations. According to NRC, Arib has taken measures against Graus behind the scenes and outside the protocols. Thus, he was denied access to the Chamber building; only for votes he was welcome.

After Arib was succeeded by Vera Bergkamp as President of the Chamber in April, the measures against Graus would have been stopped.


Graus denies that he abused the former group employee. He talks to NRC about a plot by part of the PVV Group against him.

NRC also spoke with other employees who say they have been sexually harassed by MPs. According to the employees, the complaint handling fails. All of them say that they regret their notifications, and they do not advise peers to ring the bell.