New addition for Total War Saga: Troy is dedicated to Ethiopians and Thracians

For Total War Saga: Troy has prepared a new addition Rhesus & Memnon, which is dedicated to the Thracian king Resu and Ethiopian warrior Memnon. Both heroes and their troops must defend Troy until their last breath, one from the north and the other from the south. In addition to playable factions and heroes, the expansion will add 49 new units to the game: โ€œLead into battle Egyptian soldiers, forest craftsmen ambush, Thracian highlanders, powerful chariots and other units.

โ€ At the same time, the factions will have their own characteristics: for example, the Thracians follow ancient traditions and support their powerful gods, and Ethiopians will be able to call for reinforcements from Egypt, Ethiopia, Canaan and Rhesus & Memnon will be released on December 14, and all strategy owners will receive a free update on the same day. More on Gambling Addiction Ghostrunner will receive Project_Hel story expansion in January Deep Rock Galactic will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in January Gothic remake authors show updated slider.