New Apex Legends video linked to Titanfall 2 story โ€” first details of season 9

Respawn presented a fresh short film Apex Legends, which was dedicated to the next legend of battle royal โ€” Valkyrie. She will make her debut on May 4 in season 9 under the title โ€œLegacyโ€. The video tells the story of a girl who is indirectly related to the events of Titanfall 2 โ€” she is the daughter of Viper, one of the bosses of the shooters story campaign.

He was also the running mate of Kuben Blisk, the founder of the battle royal. The short was called โ€œPolar Starโ€ (Northstar) is a class of titans in Titanfall.

Also, some details of the coming season became known: a new type of weapon will be the bow; the city โ€œOlympusโ€ has become the center of the epidemic; the new season will be without a figure – just โ€œLegacyโ€; Ulta Valkyrie seems likely to be an opportunity to take off thanks to an exoskeleton. According to the leaks, one of the future heroes of Apex Legends will be Kuben Blisk himself, the ulta of which will become an automatic titan.

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