New Assassins Creed Valhalla addition could turn around in Muspelheim

French dataminer found in Assassins Creed Valhalla files mention a potential new location โ€” Muspelheim. Presumably, the world could become part of new additions or turn out to be full-fledged basis for the third DLC. The latter is rumored to be called โ€œMeteorโ€.

Muspelheim, according to mythology, is one of the nine Nordic worlds – the land of fire ruled by the giant Surt. On the authenticity of the material is hinted and released earlier concept art Ubisoft, created for the project – at the same time in the main game of this location does not.

Meanwhile, the first story addition of the project called โ€œWrath of the Druidsโ€ will appear on May 13. The second will be โ€œSiege of Parisโ€ โ€” as yet without a release date.

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