New “Blade” found a screenwriter represented by one of HBOs “Guardians” authors

A new feature story about Blade found a screenwriter — it was Stacey Ossey-Kuffur, who worked on HBOs Guardians as one of the storys authors and editors. According to media, for the last six months Marvel has been actively engaged in search of a screenwriter with direct participation of the performer of the main role, which will be performed by Mahershala Ali (Green Book). it is on dark-skinned screenwriters — thus the studio supports its policy of racial diversity of authors.

Details about the film itself are still few, although the announcement of the project took place back in 2019. One of the most popular fan questions now involves a potential tape rating, which is officially as yet unknown.

Whether Marvel decides to take a chance and go for the grim tone of the old paintings is unclear yet. More on Gambling Players criticize Ubisoft for supporting Assassins Creed Valhalla after release The Wizards series sales exceeded 200 thousand copies After multiple WB Games rejections managed to patent Nemesis from Shadow of Mordor.