New Borderlands spin-off may be in development

Rumors began to appear on the network about a new spin-off series Borderlands, which is occupied by Gearbox. The GameReactor portal was first mentioned, and then journalist Jeff Grabb noted that someone besides Gearbox can participate in the development of the project. These statements were responded to by Randy Pitchford, reporting that the co-production rumors did not correspond to the truth.

But the most interesting thing is that he did not deny the existence of a potential spin-off he did not. Moreover, Pitchford added that the studio is working now on some fascinating things that can please and surprise players.

Still now, Gearbox is looking for specialists to work on Borderlands, although there are no specific details either. More on CCeit Apple is unhappy with Microsofts testimony at the trial and tries to find them incorrect On Netflix came โ€œLegacy of Jupiterโ€critics did not like the series Valve does not conduct dialogues with players for qualitative feedback โ€” players disagree.