New cabinet 10 January on signs: Hoekstra and De Jonge did not return to the same post

The new cabinet will be on the shelves on 10 January. The distribution of the posts between the parties is known, the names of the candidate officers will be announced on Sunday.

D66 supplies the ministers of Finance and Health, among other things, the VVD receives Justice and Security and Primary and Secondary Education, among others, the CDA receives Social Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs.

This is certain that ministers Hoekstra (now Finance) and De Jonge (now VWS) will not return to the same post. Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus says not to return to a new cabinet. Secretary of State Knops (CDA) is also not returning. Carola Schouten (Christian Union) will almost certainly be the new minister for Poverty Problems and Pensions.

In the new cabinet, the VVD will receive a total of eight ministers, including the Prime Minister, and three Secretaries of State. D66 will have six ministers and three secretaries of state, the CDA, four ministers and two secretaries of state and the Christian Union, two ministers and one secretary of state.

The new posts are striking. For example, there will be a separate Minister for Nature and Nitrogen (VVD), a Secretary of State for Mining (D66), a Minister for Climate and Energy (D66), a Secretary of State for Surcharges and Customs (VVD) and a Minister for Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions (Christian Union).

Formateur Rutte will start discussions with the candidate leaders on Monday. It is expected that it will take four days.

See below how the ministerial posts are divided between the parties:

Grapperhaus said in a letter to his department not to return as minister. During the distribution of the posts, it was announced this morning that the VVD will receive Justice and Security. For many years, the VVD supplied the authorities of Justice, whose ministers Opstelten and Van der Steur and Secretary of State Teven forced to leave. After that, in 2017, the CDA er Grapperhaus came to the department as minister.

He says he looks back at โ€œfour intensive yearsโ€ in which the โ€œnecessary thing has happened and doneโ€. Grapperhaus says it hopes to โ€œhave been able to contribute to the increased openness in working relationships in recent years, and ensuring a safe working environmentโ€ at his ministry.

Grapperhaus also sees that the work is not finished and points out the new sexual legislation that has yet to be dealt with by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. He also mentions the fight against undermining organized crime. โ€œThat will cost up to ten years and a lot of commitment from people and resources.โ€