‘New Cabinet Must Decide on Pill and Basic Package’

Whether the birth control pill comes back in the basic health insurance package is up to a new cabinet. That‘s what demissionary Minister Van Ark of Medical Care said Wednesday afternoon in a debate with the Chamber. Earlier this year, a majority of the House urged the return of the pill in the basic package, when a motion by the PvdA was supported.

The pill disappeared from basic insurance for most women in 2011. Only girls under 18 will be reimbursed. Excess costs will be deducted between 18 and 21 years of age. From 21 years of age, women have to pay for themselves or through additional insurance.

Van Ark believes it is estimated to cost 25 to 60 million euros if the pill is fully reimbursed again. She doesn’t find that decision about a demissionary cabinet right now.

SP MP Hijink believes that a weak argument because it does not cost the government itself, but will be settled through the premium that health insurers set. If it rises, everyone pays along, rather than just women now, the SP MP said. The return of the pill in the basic pack may also lead to less unwanted pregnancies and thus fewer abortions, proponents of the return of the pill in the basic pack say.

Van Ark is not for reimbursing the pill, because she believes it is not about medical necessity.

In addition to the VVD, CDA, PVV and SGP voted against the proposal at the beginning of this year. Together they had 74 seats; now these parties have 69, and it is not clear how new parties look at the case.