New candidate president PvdA wants to merge with GroenLinks

Three candidates want to become the new chairman of the PvdA. Today 28-year-old Frank van de Wolde from Utrecht reported to succeed Nelleke Vedelaar. Previously, campaign strategist and group chairman of Den Bosch Pieter Paul Slikker and left wing representative Gerard Bosman reported.

Van de Wolde clearly speaks in favour of a merger with GroenLinks. After the poor election results of both the PvdA and GroenLinks in March, he published the manifesto ‘Together Red Groen’ with some party mates and Groenlinks members. This plea for close cooperation has now been signed by thousands of PVDA and GroenLinkers.

โ€œThe big problems in our society demand a strong left-wing movement,โ€ says Van de Wolde. He refers to the housing crisis, the climate crisis and โ€œproblems in the heart of democracy and the rule of lawโ€.

The members of the PvdA elect their new chairman in September.