New case of Ebola virus emerged in the Congo

A new case of the Ebola virus has emerged in the Congo. Health authorities speak of a fourth outbreak in less than three years.

A woman in the east of the African country was hospitalized last week with symptoms of the virus in Butembo and died on Wednesday. The womans contacts are checked for infection with the virus.

The victim was married to a man who was also infected during a previous Ebola outbreak, according to the Congolese government. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the virus can continue to live in sperm cells for more than three years.

Health authorities are concerned about the new outbreak, which is on top of the coronacrisis.

Twelfth outbreak

It is the twelfth outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1976, when the virus was first discovered. An outbreak in the east of the country was the second deadliest Ebola outbreak in the world. About 2299 people died.

In the most severe epidemic, which occurred from 2013 to 2016 in West Africa, more than 11,000 people died of Ebola.