New Casino Heist โ€” Payday 2 Authors Reveal Updates

The developers of the Payday 2 cooperative shooter released a fresh video that shared the results of their work and talked about the updates. In the first new addition players have to rob a casino aboard a cruise ship fueled by the triad. The video also revealed a detailed plan for the task, so watch out for spoilers.

In addition, the developers presented the Mega City Tailor set, which will include two new costumes, four masks and four pairs of gloves. Also, the authors of Payday 2 continue to work on minor updates that aim to improve the gaming experience.

In the future, users are waiting for a few fresh updates. At the end of the video, the developers showed a short teaser with the date โ€œOctober 18-28โ€.

This is likely a hint of the Party Time event, which is related to the anniversary of the Payday series. Watch for updates! More on Gamermania Xbox unveiled consoles in the form of Spongebob and Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Headless Figures on the Hill โ€” a teaser of the new survival horror Wronged Us Creepy The Curse of the Doctor event at Rainbow Six Siege starts on October 12.