New communist conflict in the SP, party summit intervenes hard

The SP is threatening to lift some local departments in major cities or to exclude SP departments from the municipal elections next year. The board of the Rotterdam department has since been suspended, the department in Utrecht has been taken over by the party summit.

It all has to do with a battle that has been raging between the party leadership of the SP and a group of communists for over a year. Recently, for that reason, the party has rotated around forty members. According to party chairman Jannie Visscher, this was necessary because โ€œso-called Trotskyistsโ€ had โ€œenteredโ€ the SP. According to her, they want to make the SP a โ€œclassic, Marxist partyโ€. โ€œJust like a hundred years ago.โ€


But a number of the elected members are also on the SP candidate lists for the municipal elections in March next year. One of them is the leader of the SP in Utrecht, Floris Boudens. According to him, the allegations are โ€œreally a fabricationโ€ and the conflict revolves around power within the party.

According to the Rotterdam leader Arno van der Veen, the suspension of his department came unexpectedly and it makes it clear โ€œthat the party summit is not about finding a solutionโ€ to the conflict.

Members who have been rotated by the SP, according to the party board, still had ties with Rood, the former youth organization with which the SP broke last year.

Putting things in order

The party summit now demands that the candidate lists in Utrecht and Rotterdam be adjusted. Because โ€œwho is not a member of the SP cant get the SP on an election list,โ€ says Visscher. Boudens and his fellow party leader in Rotterdam are ticking that.

In order to permanently break the resistance, the party management has set up a committee that must put things in order in Utrecht. A private meeting of members was streamed live on YouTube last week. There it was told that if the committee is unable to do its work, there is โ€œnothing else to do but lift the departmentโ€.

Whether the SP will participate in the municipal elections in Utrecht and Rotterdam next March is now highly uncertain. The lists for the municipal elections can still be submitted until the end of January.

Because the conflict is taking place between the party summit and local departments, the political group in The Hague has not yet talked about it.