New DC cartoon unfolds during World War II

DC and Warner Bros. have unveiled the debut trailer for a new feature-length cartoon about their superheroes โ€” โ€œJustice Society: World War II. โ€ According to the story, Barry Allen even before the formation of the Justice League is studying the limits of his abilities, as a result of getting into the past.

There, he meets face to face representatives of the โ€œold schoolโ€ heroes who fight enemies in the battlefields. With Flashs help, they begin to confront the advancing forces, in parallel trying to figure out how one can send the hero himself in his time.

The project, which will be released digitally immediately, will premiere later this year. More on CCeit Polish studio PixElant became part of Sumo Digital Started pre-orders Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PC version for 3499 rubles The main thing about Mass Effect Legendary Edition โ€” release date, first screenshots and trailer.