New downloads page and more in the latest Steam client update

Valve released a fresh update to the Steam client that changed the look of the download page and added a number of other improvements. Previously, the update was only available to beta participants, and now it is downloaded automatically for all users. Some changes: Partially completed downloads added to the queue now show a faded progress bar with completion percentage next to it; New icon (i ) next to the game title shows the type of content included in the update: game content, downloadable content, workshop content, and shader pre-caching; download queue change by drag-and-drop; Replace โ€œView Newsโ€ button with โ€œPatch Notesโ€ link โ€” not displayed on all games; Updating Steam library folder interface to better manage the various game content installed on the disks; removed the section with recent friend activity.

working to fix various bugs related to Friends List, Remote Play Together, Steam Cloud, SteamVR and operating systems. A full list of changes can be found at Steam.

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