New facts: Chris Avellons accuser dreamed of dating him

The cancellation mechanism established in recent years, bumping into Chris Avellon, seems to have begun to yield glitches. One year after the famous accusations of harrasment, abuse and hardly pedophilia, the legendary screenwriter sued his main accusers. available evidence.

And now, on the other side, new facts have come to light the motives of Carissa Barrows, the social media accuser and accused of legal action. Jeff Johnson, designer, famous as JeffDaniel, published his own recollections of getting to know and collaborating with Carissa Barrows.

And this evidence is all the more interesting because the events happened around the same time that the girl met Avellon and, she said, was almost abused on his part. then Carissa was slightly different.

The girl volunteered to participate in Project Koobismo, a podcast series with gaming industry legends and voice actors. In an interview that took place online on September 13, 2012, shortly after Dragon Con himself, Carissa announced that she drives dating a number of faces from the gaming industry.

Joining the team, she offered to help connect with David Geiger and Chris Avellon โ€” to come down, she even kissed with him. As Jeff Johnson recalls, Carissa is generally very warm talked about Avellon, mentioning him practically as her boyfriend.

And in one private conversation admitted that she would like to date him but is unsure of his feelings. Carissa Barrows in late October 2012 described Chris as a wonderful, funny person and a true gentleman.

She was somewhat confused that he was 41 years old (she was under thirty at the time), but she passionately wanted to know where their conversations would lead in the course of endless poeks. That the girl‘s feelings for Avellon were very far from negative, proves and hosted by her podcast featuring him.

Johnson assures that before the โ€œofficialโ€ recording began, and after it, Carissa had a very nice chat with Avellon, and they used to make good fun of each other. The full recording of the conversation Johnson promises to put on the network.

Johnson lost contact with Team Koobismo in February 2013. Until that time, he had not heard a single bad word about Chris.

And so he was shocked to see an article in Forbes โ€” it looks like last year’s scandal managed to keep him out of his eyes. I would have come forward in case I had evidence of the opposite.

After all, if someone is to blame, it should be talked about. But trying to destroy someone with completely fabricated testimonials โ€” that I certainly couldn‘t leave out.

When a person lies about such, the lives of real victims don’t get easy. The undeniable truth is before you.

And, as civilized people, we should always learn the facts before we condemn someone. What if it affects you or your favorites? It‘s outside the framework of politics, beliefs or life choices.

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