New “Falcon and Winter Soldier” video reminded of close series finale

Marvel released another trailer of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where they recalled the close finale of the series. Until the end of the story about Bucky and Sam Wilson, there are two episodes left in the post-Avengers: Final world. Within their framework, the heroes will need to compete for Cap‘s shield, which is still in the hands of the new owner – John Walker.

The studio still did not publicize the ratings of the project, as constantly happens with streaming services, but on average reviews of the series are quite positive. Although the overall score on IMDb is still slightly lower than the previous series of the studio, VandaVizhn is 7.

9 versus 8. 1 for the latter.

The next episode of the project will air on April 16, with the final one appearing on April 23 More on CCeit Authors of Major of Thunder won’t get money from screenings in online cinemas Head of Ice-Pick Lodge accused of pedophilia, now filed libel suit Nacon announced week racing — wait for news about new Test Drive and WRC.