New Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water trailer recounts Hikamis horrors

Koei Tecmo has released a new gameplay trailer for the future remaster of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, otherwise known as Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. It was dedicated to Mount Hikami, where the action of the mystical horor. Mount Hikami is infamous in the game world.

It was once home to a cult worshiping water, but from some time there were more and more mysterious phenomena. At the same time, the number of accidents, suicides and missing people on this mountain has skyrocked upward.

As one of the three playable characters, we have to go to Mount Hikami armed camera obscura capable of stripping the power of ghosts and showing objects and creatures hidden to the common eye. Maiden of Black Water is released on 28 October on RS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

Pre-orders have already started and will be presented with two Halloween themed hats and a Risa costume for Yuri Kozukata. More costumes of heroes from previous games in the series were included in the Digital Deluxe.

The release of Maiden of Black Water remaster is timed to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the Fatal Frame/Project Zero adventure horror series. More on Gamemania Fans of Kingdom Come: Deliverance ‘improve’ Wikipedia and Google Maps New trailer Vampire: The Masquerade โ€” Swansong dedicated to third media heroine: Konami is about to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill.