New fault line and earthquakes at La Palma volcano


third fault line was created in the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma. The fault line is the third to have emerged since the eruption on the Cumbre Vieja mountain range on the Spanish island began on September 19. Eight new earthquakes were also measured with a magnitude of 3.5.

Authorities are still awaiting whether the lava flowing from the new fault line converges with the other lava flow in the area. That lava has been flowing into the Atlantic Ocean near the town of Tazacorte since Tuesday night. It is still safe for residents to breathe in the air at this time, if the lava hits the water, there is a chance that chlorine gas may be released.

The Spanish government has declared La Palma a disaster area. Due to the rapid evacuations on the island just after the first eruption, there were no deaths or injuries on the island. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed. A number of banana plantations were also destroyed and roads were damaged. The six thousand evacuates are still unable to return to their homes.


Its not clear how long the eruption will last. The longest eruption on La Palma occurred in 1585 and lasted 84 days, the shortest was in 1971 and lasted 24 days.

About 85,000 people live on La Palma. Most of them depend on tourism or work in fruit cultivation.

Correspondent Rop Zoutberg reported from La Palma on Wednesday: