New Foreign Minister Hoekstra: EU at the table at Russia and US

Minister Hoekstra for Foreign Affairs paid a visit to EU foreign coordinator Josep Borrell on his first day. In Brussels, they spoke, among other things, about the tensions at the border with Ukraine and Russia. Hoekstra, like Borrell, wants the EU to have a role in the talks about the situation.

Russia and the United States are discussing the high tensions at the Ukrainian border this week. There is also consultations between Russia and NATO. The EU is not moving. However, there will be a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on Thursday.

โ€œWhat is happening there, of course, also affects Europe directly, of course also affects the European Union. So I share the view that the EU also has a role in this,โ€ Hoekstra said after his conversation with Borrell. Earlier, he also complained about the lack of Europe in the discussions.

Hoekstra also called his American counterpart Blink on his first day. That conversation was also about the tensions around Russia and Ukraine, among other things.

The new Foreign Minister stressed that it is important for the Netherlands and the US to gather together in NATO, โ€œto warn Russia that aggressive action will lead to serious consequences and to de-escalate the situation through dialogueโ€.

The US is threatening severe sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine, or otherwise escalates the situation. Mentioned is the closure of Russia from the SWIFT system that processes international transactions between major banks, an embargo on the sale of American products and technology to Russia, and the arming of Ukrainian fighting groups that can then have a guerrilla war against Russia. feed.