New ‘Halloween’ may miss premiere in cinemas, too

The author of the โ€œHalloweenโ€ franchise John Carpenter mentioned that the fresh part of the series could miss a movie premiere too. According to the author, at the moment โ€œcinemas are deadโ€ โ€” and though that‘s a sad conclusion, it needs to be taken into account too. The studio previously asked Carpenter and new film director David Gordon Green to move two new tapes in the hope that the coronavirus situation will improve, but for now everything is in limbo.

โ€œHalloween Killsโ€ was supposed to be released in 2020, but now its premiere is scheduled for October 15, 2020 – it is unclear whether cinemas will be restored by this time. โ€œHalloween Endsโ€ is better, since its premiere will be held only in October 2022-go.

Carpenter added that the whole team really liked the script of the final part series, and now everyone is waiting to fully begin work on it. Also the director revealed that he participated in negotiations regarding sequels of his other projects.

Specifically, โ€œFogโ€, although there are no specific conclusions on this issue yet. More on Gambling Fans Command & Conquer: Generals recreated the strategy in Red Alert 3 Nintendo announced a full-fledged Direct for 50 minutes โ€” the first since 2019 Creators Ghostrunner don’t know how much earned on the game.