New Hero and First Battle Pass โ€” Destruction AllStars starts debut season

Sony unveiled the debut season of Destruction AllStars, which starts on May 5. For those familiar with other network fun, the filling of the first season will not be a revelation: developers will add a hero (Scotch Alba), a premium battle pass with a hundred cosmetic bonuses and a new mode – โ€œBlitzโ€. The latter represents the evolution of โ€œChaosโ€, only now the match is divided into rounds, before which each player must choose a new character.

A total of four teams of three people participate. The task is to get the desired number of points faster than others.

The regime, however, will be released only in early June. Among other innovations of the season, it is worth noting the appearance of the photo mode, as well as with a dozen legendary outfits for the current roster.

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