New images of storming Capitol shown: Pence flight

Republican senator Lisa Murkowski believes that the evidence presented so far in the impeachment case against her party mate and former President Donald Trump โ€œis causing him quite a lot of harm.โ€

Her party mate Mitt Romney was also impressed by the presentation of the Democratic Prosecutors Wednesday, on the second day of the deposition process. There were unscattered footage of the Capitols storming.

โ€œ Emotional and very disturbing,โ€ he said after seeing the images showing how, just before the crowd stormed in, he was led away by a Capitol employee. Romney said he had no idea the crowd was on his heels.

Other footage shows that Vice President Mike Pence and some senators are on the run from the invaders. They are brought to safety on time.

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Other party mates of Trump will remain on his side unabated. Senator Rick Scott from Florida described the impeachment against reporters as โ€œcomplete waste of time.โ€

The prosecutors and the defense are given 16 hours each to plead their case. Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin bit the rush hour and accused Trump of renouncing his presidential duties. The former president was frequently accused of not calling his supporters who stormed the Capitol to order at first and then half-heartedly, resulting in dead and wounded.

The impeachment trial against Trump was initiated after the storm of the Capitol on January 6. The former president would have incited an insurrection. To find him guilty, a two-thirds majority in the Senate must agree. It is expected that this number will not be met.

The vote on the condemnation of Trump may be only a few days to come. Some Republicans say that the process will be completed next weekend, post political news site The Hill. The condition then is that no witnesses are summoned. Senator Kevin Cramer said that in an โ€œoptimistic scenarioโ€ Saturday night the finish line will be reached.

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